Questions about the Campus Read? Read on  and we'll answer them all! Still have questions? Email us at

What is a Campus Read?

Universities all across the nation host campus reads, also known as common reads, where they select a book to read as a school community. The book is used as discussion topics in and out of class, to build community, and facilitate academic level discussion and thought.

How do I participate?

  1. Get the book
  2. Read the book
  3. Chat with friends about the book
  4. Attend an event
  5. Take a class that is using the campus read as a textbook

What is a book discussion, and how do I host one?

Book discussions are a great way to learn about what everyone thought about a book, story, or chapter, engage in thoughtful discussion, and make new friends. Think class discussions without the anxiety, pressure, or letter grade. Book discussions can be tangential, philosophical, and even comical. No two book discussions are the same, and there is no one way to host one. The key is to keep an open mind, respect other's opinions, and take a chance!

Feel free to attend a brown bag lunch, where a faculty or staff member will choose a chapter and facilitate discussion (schedule coming). Or host your own! Here are some "Tips for Facilitating a Book Discussion" from I Love Libraries, and a "Guick Start Guide" for book discussion groups from the American Library Association. 

What questions does one ask at a book discussion?

Don't know what how to get the discussion going? Here are some General Discussion Questions to get the ball rolling! It's okay to get off track, learn something new, and share stories. Just remember, there is no wrong or stupid question, and there is certainly no wrong answer!

Where can I go to listen to The Moth Podcast?

There are so many ways you can listen to The Moth, and this book; here are a few:

...any of your favorite podcast sources.

What classes will be including All These Wonders?

Look here for the list!

What is Pandora? Why are you asking for papers?

The OSU-Cascades Library, Wririting Program, and BFA are seeking essays to produce our own campus publication, Pandora, featuring student, staff and faculty writing. See the Campus Read Call for Papers page for more information.