Self-service copiers are located in the Copy, Scan and Study room on the main (2nd) floor of the Valley Library. You may pay for copies by OSU ID card, OSU convenience card, or by using the cash copier. Paper sizes available are 8x11 and 8x14. If you need assistance with the equipment, Circulation can help.

If you need assistance with copying due to a disability, Circulation can provide copying assistance during regular business hours. Contact Disability Access Services for extended assistance.

The XPress Stop in the Memorial Union provides printing and faxing.


Scanners are located in the 2nd floor Copy, Scan and Study room, 1st, 3rd and 5th floors. These scanners allow you to scan documents (color, gray, black and white) in searchable PDF, quick PDF, JPEG, PNG, or Rich Text/DOC formats (DPI ranges from 100 to 600). You may send them to an email address or save to a USB drive, Cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Box), or by QR code to a tablet or smart phone. It is recommended that you scan no more than 17 pages at a time to prevent the scanners from freezing. Your mailbox will also need to have sufficient storage space for your documents or they will be lost when sent. There is no charge for the service.

Copying with ID Cards or Convenience Cards

Students, Faculty and Staff may add value to their ID card at the OSU Card Cash/Add Value terminal in the Copy, Scan and Study room. Your card may then be used for library copying and printing, and for food items at Java II (first floor) and the campus food courts. The copy value on your OSU ID is separate from your Housing & Dining food account.

Department copy cards may be obtained at the OSU ID Center,.

Patrons without an OSU ID card or convenience card may purchase a convenience card for $1.00 using the OSU Card Cash/Add Value terminal in the 2nd floor Copy, Scan and Study room and at Circulation. You will need to add value to the card at the OSU Card Cash/Add Value terminal (cash only) or online.

If you lose money in the OSU Card Cash/Add Value terminal, call the OSU ID Center at 737‒2493. The OSU ID Center can often adjust the card over the phone. For problems with the OSU Card Cash/Add Value terminal, please contact Circulation.

A cash copier is located in the 2nd floor Copy Center. Coins, $1.00 & $5.00 bills are accepted. Copies are 10¢ each.

Color Copies

A color photocopier is not available, however, students, faculty and staff can be made in the library by using the scanners, then printing on the color printer.  First, scan your color images and email them to yourself. Next, print out a color copy using Beaver Print Color.

Color copies can also be produced by OSU Printing & Mailing.

Map Copies

Student Multimedia Services staff can make copies of maps for a fee. There is a large selection of maps on the 3rd floor for everyone to use. To place an order, bring the maps to SMS' public service desk on the main floor of the library. Some maps may also be checked out at Circulation.


The ONID printing system is available at all computers that require an ONID password and login name. All printing done using the ONID printing system will be charged to your ONID account. The University processes bills once a month and will send bill information to your ONID email address. Log in to ONID to look at your ONID bill.

You may also pay for your printing immediately by using your OSU ID Card or a library convenience card. See below for more information.

You must use your OSU identification card or library convenience card at computers that do not require an ONID username and password. You can add cash to your card at the OSU Card Cash/Add Value terminal in the Copy Center of the Valley Library. There are instructions on the machine. You may also add value by credit card online via the MyCard website or by visiting the ID Center in the MU.

General Public

You can add funds to your library or computer-use only card using the OSU Cash Card/Add Value terminal in the Library's Copy Center, by going to the ID Center, or online using MyCard. If you are not eligible for a library or computer-use only card, you can purchase a convenience card from the OSU Cash Card/Add Value terminal in the Copy Center.

Please note: cash/coin payment is not available for printing in the Valley Library.