How it works

We have a small collection of SWIVLS available to check out from the Library Front Desk. To see what we have available, you can consult our list of available equipment, search 1Search, or visit the Front Desk to see a staff member for help. SWIVLS are available to reserve ahead of time. Only one SWIVL reservation may be placed at a time. Overdue fines and and lost item fees do apply.

  • A reservation must be placed before you can check out a SWIVL.
  • SWIVLS loan for 7 days at a time, NO exceptions. Due to not having enough SWIVLS for everyone, you will be asked to wait 24 hours before you may borrow again in order to share the resource with our community.
  • SWIVLS come with multiple pieces and must be returned with all pieces.
  • Overdue fines are $10/day.
  • The SWIVL will be due at closing on the day it is due.


Checkout of SWIVLS implies agreement with the following statement:

"I agree to pay all costs associated with damage to this library item or its associated peripheral equipment or its replacement costs should it be lost or stolen. I understand that the replacement cost for laptops and equipment may be up to $2,000 plus $23 processing fee."


Reserving a SWIVL

You will need to submit the below form providing the required information to make a reservation. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis. Reservations are not immediate and may take 2-3 days to process. You should make your reservations well in advance of when you need the SWIVL. We will confirm your reservation with you via your OSU email address. You must pick up the SWIVL on Day 1 of the 7 day reservation or the reservation will be cancelled.

The SWIVL Request form can be found here. You must use your OSU Email to access the sign up sheet.

You must provide your full name, your OSU email, and your prefered reservation dates. You will receive confirmation if a SWIVL is available when you requested it. When you arrive at the library, you must have your photo ID with you.