Fall Term 2020 Course Reserves

For Fall Term 2020, Cascades Library is making course reserves available digitally through the library catalog, 1Search. You can search for your course reserve in our list of current course reserves to find links to where available reserves can be accessed in 1Search.

Things to Know:

  • The whole book might not be scanned: We scan only the sections of the books required for a class.
  • Only one user may view a book at a time: We can share electronic copies in a 1:1 ratio to what is owned in print. In some rare cases, we may own more than one print copy - in those instances, we will increase the number of viewers allowed.
  • You cannot download PDFs from the viewer: We can make an electronic copy available to view, but we cannot share the downloaded PDFs any further. If you need a PDF copy for any sort of accessibility reason, please let us know (email library@osucascades.edu) and we will help.
  • If you find the course reserve you are looking for but are unable to view it, it may be because someone else is already viewing it! Check back in 30 minutes to see if they are done using it or contact the library front desk for help.