Course Reserve Checkout Policies

Checkout periods for course reserves are 3 hours, 1 day, or 2 days, dependant on how many copies we have available. Hourly circulating items can be checked out overnight if they are checked out within 3 hours of the library’s closing time, and will be due back at opening the next day the library is open.

Course reserves are first come, first serve, and can't be recalled or requested. If more copies of a title aren't available, patrons wishing to use the same material more than once in a day must wait 15 minutes between checkouts for 3 hour loans, or 1 day for 1 or 2 day loans to allow others access.

Spring 2020 Course Reserves

Available Course Reserves for Spring 2020 can be viewed on 1Search and are listed below.

Course Code Primary Instructor Available Textbook
ACTG 417 Rush, Norm Advanced Accounting
BA 352 Howes, Satoris Organizational Behavior
BA 347 McCalpine, Erika International Business
BA 357 Ribbink, Dina Operations Management
BI 103 Broughton, Heather Human Body
BI 213 Smith, Kristina Campbell Biology
BI 445 Seal, Bruce Beak Of The Finch
CH 123 Towne, Silas Chemistry: Atoms First
CH 233 Geddes, Scott Chemistry: Structure & Properties
CH 337 Gautschi, Jeffrey Organic Chemistry
COMM 114 Dahl, Nicholas Arguments and Arguing
COMM 218 Dahl, Nicholas Looking Out/Looking In
COUN 598 Schmidt, Suzanne Counselor as Consultant
ENG 254 Goldsmith, Jenna The Heath Anthology of American Literature
ENG 254 Goldsmith, Jenna The Heath Anthology of American Literature
ENG 360 Browne, Cornelius Black Elk Speaks
ENG 360 Browne, Cornelius House Made Of Dawn
ENG 416 Santasiero, Ellen Doing Documentary Work
ENG 416 Santasiero, Ellen Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
ENGR 202 Webb, Kyle Fundamentals Of Electric Circuits
ESE450 Abbasi, Bahman Sustainable Energy
ESE470 Webb, Kyle Power System Analysis & Design
FW 317 Gumtow-Farrior, Daniel Mammalogy
FW 320 Gumtow-Farrior, Daniel Primer Of Ecology
HDFS 341 Jaeger-Williams, Donna Educated: A Memoiram
HDFS 341 Jaeger-Williams, Donna Family Communication
HDFS 360 Reed, Lura Think
HDFS 431 Reed, Lura Home, School, and Community Collaboration
HDFS 431 Reed, Lura Misunderstanding Families
HDFS 444 Ashford, Teresa Social dynamics of Family Violence
HDFS 447 Lynn, Dennis Poverty in America
HDFS 447 Lynn, Dennis Ending Global Poverty
HDFS 461 Fischer, Cameron Winning Grants Step-by-Step
MTH 231 Banaitis, Aidas Discrete Mathematics
MTH 254 Ray, Craig Calculus: Early Transcendentals
NUTR 225 Brizee, Lori Nutrition: An Applied Approach
NUTR 240 Brizee, Lori Science Of Nutrition
SOIL366 Reuter, Ronald Elements Of The Nature & Property Of Soils
SPAN 113 Engel, David Exploraciones
SPAN 213 Engel, David Exploraciones Custom Etext & Mindtap Access Code
WR 327 Goldsmith, Jenna Essentials Of Technical Communication
Z 371 Seal, Bruce Vertebrate Biology