Chapter Discussions

Come chat with OSU-Cascades faculty, staff and students about stories from All These Wonders! You'll engage in critical thinking and build relationships in a safe, relaxed environment.

Chapter discussions will be held Noon Wednesdays at the long table in the Beaver Dam (Dining Hall), unless otherwise noted.

Discussion Leader Date Time Location Chapter
Sami Kerzel 1/24/18 12 pm Beaver Dam "The Moon and Stars Talks" by Tara Clancy
Pat Ball 1/31/18 12 pm Beaver Dam "Forgiveness" by Hector Black
Heather Holton 2/7/18 12 pm Beaver Dam "A Phone Call" by Auburn Sandstrom
Cancelled 2/14/18 12 pm Beaver Dam Cancelled
Nick Martin 2/21/18 12 pm Beaver Dam "Stumbling in the Dark" by John Turturro
Megan Jung 2/28/18 12 pm Beaver Dam "Panic on the Road to Jericho" by Nadia Bolz-Weber
Brianne Kothari 3/7/18 12 pm Beaver Dam "Prom" by Hasan Minhaj