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Hannah Rempel

Professor, College of Agricultural Sciences Librarian & Graduate Student Services Coordinator

Phone: (541) 737-9902
Fax: (541) 737-8224
Primary Duties:

Design and deliver services for graduate students and work with departments in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Subjects: Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences, Applied Economics, Animal and Rangeland Sciences, BioResource Research Program, Botany & Plant Pathology, Crop & Soil Science, Entomology, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, Environmental Chemistry, Fisheries and Wildlife, Food Science & Technology, Horticulture, Microbiology

Brief CV

M.L.I.S., University of Washington - 2006 M.S. in Horticulture, Oregon State University - 2003
Research and Professional Interests:
Graduate student research processes and information needs; online instructional delivery modes; curiosity as part of the research process


Selected Publications:

Karaarslan Urhan, T., H.G. Rempel, L. Meunier-Goddik, and M.H. Penner. 2018. “Information Retrieval in Food Science: A Bibliographic Database Analysis. Journal of Food Science. 83(12):2912-2922. 

Rempel, H.G. and M. J. Markland. 2018. “Bridging the Relationship Gap: Using Social Network Theories to Inform Library Services for Graduate Students.” In the Library with the Lead Pipe.

Deitering, A.M., H.G. Rempel, and T.T. Jensen. 2018. Reflective Information Literacy: Empowering Graduate Student Teachers. In Transforming Libraries to Serve Graduate Students, edited by Crystal Renfro and Cheryl Stiles. ACRL, Chicago, IL.

Markland, M. J., H.G. Rempel, and L.M. Bridges. 2017. “Mobile Website Use and Advanced Researchers: Understanding Library Users at a University Marine Sciences Branch Campus.” Information Technology and Libraries 36 (4):7–23.

Rempel, H.G., K. McElroy, and L. M. Bridges. 2017. Understanding Student Development: A Practical Guide. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, New York, NY.

Rempel, H.G. 2017. Oregon State University Libraries' Web of Science vs. Scopus Qualitative Comparison.

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Rempel, H.G. and A.M. Deitering. 2017. “Sparking Curiosity – Librarians’ Role in Encouraging Exploration.”  In the Library with the Lead Pipe.

Rempel, H.G. and M.B. Robertshaw. 2016. Supporting the Research Practices of Agricultural Scientists: Oregon State University’s Ithaka Report.

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Rempel, H.G. Information Literacy at the Point of Need – Literature Review Workshops. 8 Nov 2007. Proceedings of the Konstanz Workshop on Information Literacy. Konstanz, Germany.

Selected Presentations:

Rempel, H.G., T.T. Jensen, and A.M. Deitering. New Lenses, New Perspectives: Using Reflective Practice to Develop Meaningful Research Assignments. October 2018. International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference. Bergen, Norway.

Rempel, H.G. and A.M. Deitering. (plenary session) Essential Tools for Building Learning Habits: Assumption Hunting, Reflection, and Critical Thinking. 12 May 2018. Oregon Information Literacy Summit. McMinnville, OR.

Rempel, H.G. and M. Markland. Creating Transformative Connections with Graduate Students Using a Social Capital Framework. 23 March 2018. Transforming Libraries for Graduate Students Conference. Kennesaw, GA

Rempel, H.G. Cultivating Creating (Together). 28 October 2016. ACRL Oregon and Washington Fall Conference. Corbett, OR.

Deitering, A.M. and H.G. Rempel. Inclusive Information Literacy: Empowering Classroom Faculty. 13 October 2016. European Conference on Information Literacy. Prague, Czech Republic.

Rempel, H.G. and A.M. Deitering. How to Keep the Research Paper from Killing Curiosity. 10 October 2016. European Conference on Information Literacy. Prague, Czech Republic.

Rempel, H.G., M. Ryan, and E. Collier. Peer Review Behind the Scenes. 25 June 2016. STS Hot Topics Discussion at the Annual Meeting of the American Library Association. Orlando, FL.

Rempel, H.G., J. Nichols, A. Flanary, and C. Finney. Thriving as a Mid-Career Librarian. 22 April 2016. Oregon Library Association. Bend, OR.

Rempel, H.G. and A.M. Deitering. Curiosity @ Your Library. 22 April 2016. Oregon Library Association. Bend, OR.

Rempel, H.G., M. Cole, J. Tapper, B. Miyagishima, and S. Silver. Inside the Hiring Process. 21 April 2016. Oregon Library Association Conference. Bend, OR.

McElroy, K., L.M. Bridges, and H.G. Rempel. Let Your Love Open the Door to…Student Development Theories. 22 October 2015. ACRL-WA-OR Fall Conference. Pack Forest, WA.

Deitering, H.G. and A.M. Deitering. Marijuana Legalization Papers Getting You Down? You Won’t Believe What We Did About it. 24 July 2014. Library Instruction West. Portland, Oregon.

Laurie Bridges and Hannah Gascho Rempel. Continual Assessment Leads the Way: Best Practices in Mobile Website Design and Maintenance. 29 May 2014. m-libraries. Hong Kong.

Hannah Gascho Rempel, Chad Iwertz and Anne-Marie Deitering. Harnessing the Web to Create an Environment that Supports Curiosity, Exploration and Learning. 14 February 2014. Online Northwest. Virtual Meeting.

Hannah Gascho Rempel and Laurie Bridges.  We Went Mobile, Now What? Invited members of panel.  29 June 2013.  LITA Mobile Interest Group, American Libraries Association Annual Conference.  Chicago, IL. 

Hannah Gascho Rempel and Laurie Bridges. Mobile Stats Are Not Enough: What Do Mobile Library Site Users Actually Do? 8 February 2013. Online Northwest. Corvallis, OR.

Laurie Bridges and Hannah Gascho Rempel. “I would have done more” - Stepping back from usability testing to actual use of mobile library sites. 22 January 2013. LITA Mobile Computing Interest Group Virtual Meeting, ALA Midwinter Conference.

Stefanie Buck, Anne-Marie Deitering and Hannah Gascho Rempel. Old Habits Are Hard to Break: Lessons Learned from a Mixed Methods Study. 4 May 2012. LOEX. Columbus, Ohio.

Stefanie Buck, Anne-Marie Deitering and Hannah Gascho Rempel. Old Habits Are Hard to Break: Lessons Learned from a Qualitative Research Study. 10 February 2012. Online Northwest. Corvallis, Oregon.

Anne-Marie Deitering, Verletta Kern and Hannah Gascho Rempel. Many Hands/Light Work: Rethinking How We Help Our Users at Their Point of Need. 27 October 2011. Association of College & Research Libraries Oregon & Washington Conference. Pack Forest, Washington.

Anne-Marie Deitering and Hannah Gascho Rempel. Build It, Share It, Borrow It: Breaking Down the Barriers to Tutorial Creation. 2 June 2011. Workshop on Instruction in Library Use. Regina, Saskatchewan.

Anne-Marie Deitering and Hannah Gascho Rempel. Embedded Information Literacy at OSU. 29 April 2011. Oregon IL Summit. Portland, OR. Invited keynote speaker.

Hannah Gascho Rempel, Uta Hussong-Christian and Margaret Mellinger. They Blinded Me with Science: Turning Qualitative Research Into Action. 8 April 2011. Oregon Library Association Conference. Salem, OR.

Hannah Gascho Rempel and Evviva Weinraub. Putting the Fun Back in Mobile Websites: Launching an OS Book Recommender. 9 January 2011. LITA Mobile Computing Interest Group Meeting, ALA Midwinter Conference. San Diego, CA.

Bridges, L. M., Rempel, H. G., & Griggs, K. Services for mobile users: Introduction. 10 October 2010. Certified Medical Library Association Continuing Education Course conducted at the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association Conference. Portland, OR. (Invited instructor). Library in Your Pocket.

Kim Griggs, Hannah Gascho Rempel, and Laurie Bridges. Online Northwest. Feb. 5, 2010. Corvallis, Oregon.

Librarians Can Help Me With That? Getting the Word Out About Your Reference and Instruction Services. Member of Panel. 3 Apr 2009. Oregon Library Association Annual Conference. Salem, Oregon.

Mellinger, M.A. and H.G. Rempel. YouTube Meets OSU Libraries: A Video Contest for Students. 3 Apr 2009. Oregon Library Association Annual Conference. Salem, Oregon.

Rempel, H.G. and M.A. Mellinger. Learning from Safeway and JetBlue


Professional Associations and Committees:

American Library Association (2004-present)

  • ALA Council Member (2010-2013)
  • IS-Information Literacy in the Disciplines Committee (2007-present, Chair 2009- 2010)
  • STS Secretary (2017-2019)
  • STS Publications Committee (Chair 2009-2011)
  • STS Assessment Committee (2011-2013)
  • STS Research Committee (2014-2018)
  • STS Hot Topics Committee (2016-2017)

Oregon Library Association (2004-present)

  • ACRL-OR President (2014-2015)
  • ACRL-OR Vice President/President Elect (2013-2014)
  • Oregon's ALA Chapter Council,
  • Member of OLA Executive Board (2010-2013)
  • OLA Virtual Communications Task Force Coordinator (2010-2013)
  • Member of ACRL-OR (2007-present)

Editor, The Journal of Web Librarianship (2014 - 2019)

University Service:
Institutional Review Board (2016 - 2019) Children, Youth, and Family Committee (2017 - 2019) Undergraduate Research Working Group (2013 - 2015) Faculty Recognition & Awards (2010 - 2013) Graduate Admissions Committee (2007 -2010)