Computers & Wireless


There are four computers available in the OSU-Cascades Library, and five computers available in the Learning Lab. Print jobs sent from any of these computers will be sent to the printer located in the Library's Resource Room (202B). The computer lab downstairs also has computers for student use.

To access any computer a valid ONID login is required.

Please remember to abide by OSU’s Computer Use Guidelines.


OSU’s wireless network, and public network are available in buildings on the Cascades Campus. For additional information on connecting to wireless networks visit the wireless network help documents.


The ONID printing system is available at all computers that require an ONID password and login name. All printing done using the ONID printing system will be charged to your ONID account. The University processes bills once a month and will send bill information to your ONID email address. Log in to ONID to look at your ONID bill.

Please note: cash/coin payment is not available for printing.

Printing to the Library's Printer

Open the document/page you want to print

In the print window select the printer named "CL-TYKH-202-BW01 on cascadeprintq" (default printer)

Go to the printer in the Resource Room 202B

Have patience, it may take a few mintues to print


A scanner is located in the Library Workroom (202B). This scanner allows you to scan documents (color, gray, black and white) in searchable PDF, quick PDF, JPEG, PNG, or rich text formats, and send them to an email address or store on a flashdrive. It is recommended that you scan no more than 17 pages at a time to prevent the scanner from freezing. Your mailbox will also need to have sufficient storage space for your documents or they will be lost when sent. There is no charge for the service.


Copies can be made by using the scanner. You can scan your documents, email them to yourself, then print them. Unfortunately, Tykeson Hall does not currently have a color printer for students.

If you need assistance with copying due to a disability, the Library can provide copying assistance during regular business hours. Contact Disability Access Services for extended assistance.

Color copies can be produced by OSU Printing & Mailing.

Other Printing Options in Bend

Deschutes Pubic Library




Pack, Ship & More


ONID Printing

Black and white, one-sided 7¢

Black and white, two-sided : 9¢

Color laser printing, one-sided: 25¢

Color laser printing, two-sided: 40¢


Printing in Tykeson

There are two student printers in Tykeson Hall:

Library Resource Room - 202B

Computer Lab - 102