Course Materials Support

OSU Libraries supports OSU courses and affordable learning through the purchase of identified course materials when possible. We focus on supporting current courses and do not keep an archive of past course materials.  

Faculty and students are empowered to request course material for specific classes. Faculty members are also encouraged to place personal or departmental copies of course materials on reserve

OSULP partners with the BNC (Basic Needs Center) to provide complementary course material support to OSU students. We provide shared electronic and short-term access to physical material while the BNC provides term-long print access for one student per item. This partnership also includes a shared catalog and inventory control system maintained by OSULP so students can search for and manage loans in one place. The partnership also provides strategic collaboration and referrals alongside overlapping outreach and promotion.

We sustainably promote affordable learning opportunities in alignment with the OSU Affordable Learning Plan.

Reviewed 3/16/22