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It’s that time of the term. Projects, posters and papers are due almost on the daily. Are you having trouble figuring out the OSU Libraries? Don’t know where to look or what to do? Well, look no...
Beaver Movie Channel
The Beaver Movie Channel (BMC) is a fee on-demand streaming service with new movies selected each month by OSU campus residents. You can even suggest a movie for next month’s vote...
The days of spending $100 or more on graphing calculators are over. Desmos provides free graphing, scientific, and four function calculators accessible online or through a smartphone app. If you...
ScholarsArchive@OSU is an electronic database that provides access to the scholarly work of the Oregon State University community, also known as an institutional repository. This means that you can...
Library Updates
Spring Library Fest A Carnival of Resources Thursday, May 18th, 11am-2pm, TYK  206 Survey Software Digital Respository Publishing Data Tools OSU-Cascades...

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Upcoming Events

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