The OSU-Cascades Library and ASCC received an $8,000 grant from the OSU Women's Giving Circle to purchase textbooks to be placed on reserve in the library. As the number of textbooks available on course reserve normally relied on instructors placing personal copies, or student donations, this grant has a huge potential impact.


As there is a limited amount of funding, we are looking to purchase items which will have the greatest long term impact. The following information is used to identify these textbooks:

  • Textbook use:
    • It will be used in future terms/years
    • It is a required textbook
    • It is used extensively in class - more than just a few times
    • It is used by other classes (bonus point!)
  • Textbook currency:
    • Having the most current edition is not essential
    • A newer edition is not expected any time soon

There will only be one copy purchased, given it meets the above criteria. While exceptions can be made based on expressed need, this rule is set in place to provide a larger array of course reserves for our students. Also, we appreciate if instructors can still place their extra copies on reserve, as students enjoy there being more than one copy available. In addition, this allows us to expand the checkout period options for the class (from only 3 hour to an additional 1 day or 2 day copy). 


Think your class textbook meets the above criteria? Fill out the following form, and we will try to get a copy. While most requests are filled, we still need to be prudent with our funds. All decisions are made with our students in mind.

Request Form

Note: Completing a request does not guarantee the textbook will be purchased. All requests will be reviewed and instructors will be informed if their request has been approved.