Research Guides are a great place to go when you have a project or essay and don’t know where to start. These guides provide subject specific resources to search for sources, including databases, journals, websites, books, etc., covering a variety of subejcts and courses. These are some of the best and most reliable resources, as opposed to a Wikipedia page (not saying they don't have a time and place).

These guides are created and maintained by librarians with specialized knowledge in the field.  There is also contact information for these librarians, who have specific knowledge on the books and online resources for each different area.

From the OSU-Cascades Library website, access "Research Guides" under the "Find" tab. Here, resources are categorized by subject and  classes, sometimes even specific courses. The Research Guides include subjects such as business, engineering and applied sciences, forestry, kinesiology, human development and family sciences, and natural resources.

Of course, if you cannot find what you're looking for you can always visit us in the Library (Tykeson 202) or Ask a Librarian!



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