The Oregon Encyclopedia is produced by the Oregon Historical Society’s Digital History Projects in association with Portland State University and the Oregon Council of Teachers of English. The unique encyclopedia “provides definitive, authoritative information about the State of Oregon, including significant places, culture, institutions, events, and people.” 

According to the encyclopedia’s website, entries and resources include:

  • Significant people, events, places, institutions, and biota from 10,000 years ago to the present
  • Ethnic groups and communities
  • Art, architecture, literature, performing arts, music, and popular culture
  • Images, documents, and mapsSpecial sections for teachers and students

Access information via broad research categories, an A-Z index, the Oregon History Wayfinder (geographical access points), essay list, recent entries, or general and advanced search options. 

A few relevant entries for us in Central Oregon include:

This resource is beneficial for those completing projects relating to Central Oregon geography, and history, as well as those simply interested in learning something new about Oregon.



Staff Pick: Sami Kerzel