Imagine this... You’re researching, you’ve found one perfect article, and now you’re stuck. You cannot find any articles as good as the first, but you are committed to your topic. Or maybe, your instructor provided you with an article which they want you to use to support a claim, and want you to find additional articles, but you don’t even know what words to use to start.

Well, with the JSTOR Labs Text Analyzer you’re in luck! With this resource all you need to do is upload a document, maybe something you wrote, a syllabus, essay prompt, PDF article, etc., at which point it analyzes the text and returns articles. 

On the left hand side of the results page, you’ll see an analysis of the document you uploaded. This tool finds “Prioritized Terms” which are used frequently and allows you to rank their importance in the results. Below this section there are additional “Identified Terms” from the document which you can turn on, off, or add to, to influence the results panel. 

The right hand side is the results panel, showing articles found using the prioritized and identified terms. Below the article citations you find a ranking of your prioritized terms, and how relevant they are to the article.

The only drawback is that it only returns content found via JSTOR, but hopefully other databases and search engines will catch on and develop similar tools. 


Staff Pick: Sami Kerzel