Google & Google Scholar

Google Search Tricks in 4-minutes:

Google Search Commands

(no spaces between the command and the search term)

“word phrase” – use quotes around a phrase to search the words together;
example: “active learning”

~word – use a tilde in front of a word to find related terms;
example: ~learning

-word – use a minus sign or hypen to exclude words;
example: learning -passive

intitle:word – use intitle: to find more relevant results;
example:  intitle:learning

site:url – use site: to search within a specific institution or domain;
example:  or

filetype:ext – use filetype: with a file extension to search for specific materials such as PDFs or Word Docs;
example:  filetype:pdf (good way to find handouts or articles)  or  filetype:xls (to find spreadsheets)

related:url – use related: with a web address to find other sites similar to that one;

Try combining some of these commands in one search. Copy and paste this into Google to see what happens: filetype:pdf "lesson plans"

Set up Google Scholar to include OSU Libraries’ links

Step 1:  To make Google Scholar talk to the OSU Libraries collection, go to the Settings link, located on the top right corner of the page:

Google Scholar Settings

Step 2:  On the left-hand side of the Scholar Settings page, choose Library links:

Step 3:  Next either search for Oregon State University in the search box or simply use the checkbox next to Oregon State University .

Google Scholar Library links