Students, faculty and staff can check out laptops and other equipment from the OSU-Cascades Library in Tykeson 202.

Photo ID is required to check out any laptop or equipment.


LaptopsLoan PeriodOverdue FinesRequest 
Dell Latitude3 days$10/dayReserve onlineDell latitude
Samsung Chromebook3 Days$10/dayReserve online
Samsung Chromebook

Important note about logging in and leaving campus:

  • Dell Latitude: Log in to the laptop using your ONID account before leaving campus. You can turn off the laptop and leave campus with it as long as you have first logged in while connected to the OSU wireless network. When you're off campus you can connect to non-OSU wifi networks.

Checkout of laptops implies agreement with the following statement:

"I agree to pay all costs associated with damage to this laptop computer or its associated peripheral equipment or its replacement costs should it be lost or stolen. I understand that the replacement cost for this laptop computer is $2,000 plus the accrued overdue fine(s)."



Loan PeriodOverdue FinesRequest 


6 hours$1/hour
 Camcorder cable


6 hours$1/hour 
 HDMI Cable


6 hours$1/hour
 Printer Cable


6 hours$1/hour
 VGA Cable

VGA-HDMI Adapter

6 hours$1/hour
 VGA-HDMI Adapter

USB-C to USB Adapter

6 hours$1/hour
USB-C to USB Adapter

Mac Chargers

MagSafe L (60W) & MagSafe 2 (45W)

6 hours$1/hour
Mac Laptop Charger
CalculatorsLoan Period Overdue FinesRequest 
TI-836 hours$1/hourReserve online calculator


Loan PeriodOverdue FinesRequest 

Cannon Vixia

5 days$10/dayReserve online Canon camcorder

GoPro Hero 3+

3 days$10/dayReserve onlineGoPro Hero 3+


Loan PeriodOverdue FinesRequest 

Logitech Clicker

For presentations

6 hours$1/hourReserve onlineClicker

Turning Technologies Response Clickers

ResponseCard NXT and QT2 Response Device

For class quizzes

6 hours$1/hourReserve onlineResponseCard NXTQT2
Drawing TabletsLoan PeriodOverdue FinesRequest 
IntuosTerm-long (90 days)$1/dayReserve online Intuos Drawing Tablet
BambooTerm-long (90 days)$1/dayReserve online Bamboo Drawing Tablet
Headphones/MicrophonesLoan PeriodOverdue FinesRequest



Sound Intone CX-05

Built-in microphone and noise-dampening

6 hours$1/hourReserve online


USB Microphones

Fifine Wireless Microphone K031

6 hours$1/hourReserve online

USB Microphone

ProjectorsLoan PeriodOverdue FinesRequest 
Optoma 6 hours$1/hourReserve online  projector
Sanyo 6 hours$1/hourReserve online  Sanyo Projector
SWIVLsLoan PeriodOverdue FinesRequest 
Original Series5 days $10/day Reserve online SWIVL Original Series
C-Series5 days$10/dayReserve onlineSWIVL C-Series

Android SWIVL Cable

for C-Series

5 days$10/day
 Android SWIVL Cable
TripodsLoan PeriodOverdue FinesRequest 
Zeikos5 days$10/dayReserve onlineZiekos Tripod
USBsLoan PeriodOverdue FinesRequest 
Lexar 32G (USB 3.0)6 hours$1/hour
 Lexar USB
WebcamsLoan PeriodOverdue FinesRequest 
Logitech (3.0)6 hours$1/hourReserve online Logitech Webcam New
 Logitech (2.0)6 hours$1/hourReserve online Logitech Webcam Old