Attend the first Write On! Event:Exhibit Writing

´╗┐Write On! is a new writing meet-up for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff at OSU-Cascades, organized by our Writing Instructor, Jenna Goldsmith. and in cooperation with OSU Cascades librarian Sara Thompson and the Office of Student Life. Devoted to the goal of developing successful writers with effective writing habits, Write On! will help us create and maintain momentum on the writing we are doing in our personal and professional lives.

Modeled after programs at Stanford University, Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Kentucky, the inaugural meet-up will give us a shared writing space, not necessarily to write collaboratively, but to write in a space where the shared goal is writing. Faculty and staff are encouraged to attend and write alongside students to demonstrate our shared commitment to writing across rank and discipline.

By offering participants a supportive environment for doing their research and writing, our first session of Write On!aims to establish a community of successful writers who gain structure, inspiration, and motivation from working toward common goals.´╗┐

Write On! Serendipity Exhibit:

This week's exhibit includes a variety of writing related books, including reference manuals, guides, literary criticism, and literature. Check out 1Search for even more writing assistance, including these ebooks:

Need help with your thesis, research or citations? Don't forget to ask a librarian!