Solar Eclipse ExhibitUnless you have been living under a rock, you might have heard that the Great American Eclipse is about to happen. And if you haven’t been privy to this information, well here it is now. Monday, September 21st a solar eclipse will be visible in totality across the entire United States. Thus, this week's exhibit features solar eclipse, and astronomy related resources. Check out the list below, or visit the library to be the expert at your viewing party!

Here are some additional online resources:

  • Top Picks:
    • NASA: “2017 Total Solar Eclipse in the U.S.” by Ernie Wright
      • Learn about the path the eclipse will travel, and the calculations behind the predictions.
    • Exploratorium: Observing the Sun
      • Solar eclipses provide an excellent opportunity to study the sun in detail. This video shares the history of solar viewing from ancient Chinese astronomers and  Galileo to modern day solar probes and telescopes.
    • NASA’s Eyes: Eclipse 2017
      • Curious about what the eclipse will look like where you’ll be viewing, or maybe somewhere else in the U.S.? Well NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has a great resource that includes fantastic visualizations to help you understand.
    • Eclipse Megamovie 2017: Eclipse Simulator
      • Put in any location and see what the eclipse will look like there, along with fun cartoon visulizations.
  • Eclipse Dedicated Website
  • Citizen Scientists Crowdsourcing Opportunities
    • Eclipse Megamovie 2017
      • Project created by University of California Berkley solar scientists and educators, and Google to gather scientific data from the solar eclipse provided by citizen scientists.
    • GLOBE Observer
      • Make environmental observations to help NASA scientists study the eclipse in greater depth.
    • iNaturalist
      • Record eclipse-related animal behavior with the iNaturalist app to improve scientific knowledge of plants and animals.
  • Eclipse Related Apps
    • Recommended Apps from NASA
    • Recommended Apps from the American Astronomical Society
    • Personal favorites from the app lists include (based on android observations): NASA App (from NASA), Eclipse Safari (from, Eclipse 2017 (from the Smithsonian), Eclipse Megamovie (from UC Berkley and Google), Totality (from Big Kid Science), Total Solar Eclipse (from Exploratorium), and GLOBE Obeserver (from NASA).
    • One I’m intrigued by is only from the iTunes App Store, called Eclipse Soundscapes, and is designed for those who are blind and visually impaired to enjoy in the awe of the eclipse.

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Here is what this week's exhibit includes:

CollectionCall NumberTitleAuthorPublication Year
Valley LibraryQB33.U6 C68 2014Eclipses, transits, and comets of the nineteenth century : how America's perception of the skies changedCottam, Stella2014
MediaQC173.59.S65 C6766 2014Cosmos : A Spacetime OdysseyHanich, Livia2014
MediaQC981.8.G56 T66 2006Too hot not to handleLester, Susan2006
Valley LibraryQB544.66 N6 1969Solar eclipses and the ionosphereNATO Advanced Studies Institute on Solar Eclipses and the Ionosphere1969
Valley LibraryQB521 .G65 2001Nearest star : the surprising science of our sunGolub, L.2001
Valley LibraryQB175 .M657 2011Chasing shadows : mathematics, astronomy, and the early history of eclipse reckoningMontelle, Clemency2011
Valley LibraryQB16 .I5In search of ancient astronomiesKrupp, E. C.1978
Valley LibraryQB35 .L48 2001Cosmic discoveries : the wonders of astronomyLevy, David H.2001
Valley LibraryPS3554.A85 O54 2010One day the wind changed : storiesDaugherty, Tracy2010
Valley LibraryQB175 .S83 2000Observations and predictions of eclipse times by early astronomersSteele, John M.2000
Valley LibraryQB21 .G73 2013Science before Socrates : Parmenides, Anaxagoras, and the new astronomyGraham, Daniel W.2013
Circulating/BrowsingTJ808 .K515 2010Energy harvesting : solar, wind, and ocean energy conversion systemsKhaligh, Alireza2010
Valley LibraryQB44 .F5913The Flammarion book of astronomyFlammarion, Camille1964
Valley LibraryQB44.3 .P58 2002Bad astronomy : misconceptions and misuses revealed, from astrology to the moon landing 'hoax'Plait, Philip C.2002
OverflowTJ808 .S3313 2002The solar economy : renewable energy for a sustainable global futureScheer, Hermann2002
Valley LibraryQB544.80 .Z57 1984Total eclipses of the sunZirker, Jack B.1984
OnlineeBookThe 50 best sights in astronomy and how to see them observing eclipses, bright comets, meteor showers, and other celestial wondersFred Schaaf2007
OnlineeBookPhysics and Astronomy of the MoonZdenek Kopal2013
OnlineeBookEclipse : the celestial phenomenon that changed the course of historyDuncan Steel2001
OnlineeBookTotality eclipses of sunMark Littmann; Ken Willcox; Fred Espenak2009

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