Pi Day

Pi day is observed every year on March 14th (3/14) in celebration of the mathematical constant π. As the first three numbers of π are 3.14, it make sense to celebrate it on March (3rd month) 14th (14th day). This year in the Library is celebrating Pi(e) Day from Noon to 2pm on Tuesday, March 14th with pie! You'll be able to taste sweet and savory pies made by faculty, staff, and maybe a local company or two. 

This week our Serendipity Exhibit highlights everything math! You will find books, movies, and ebooks highlighting a variety of mathematical concepts relating to art, statistics, nature, etc. This week we even have a few books from the Valley Library highlighted!

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Call Number



Valley LibraryN 6923.L33 A4 2004Math and the Mona Lisa : the art and science of Leonardo da VinciBülent Atalay
Valley LibraryQA93 .D4588 2005The math instinct : why you're a mathematical genius (along with lobsters, birds, cats and dogs)Keith J. Devlin
Valley LibraryQA19.M87 H37 2006The math behind the musicLeon Harkleroad
Valley LibraryQA279.4 .S76 2012Theory of conditional gamesWynn C. Stirling
Valley LibraryQA99 .A23 2009A Mathematical Nature WalkJohn A. Adam
Valley LibraryQA269 .M387 2014The mathematics of decisions, elections, and gamesKarl-Dieter Crisman & Michael Jones
Valley LibraryQA445 .K32 2008Math and art : an introduction to visual mathematicsSasho Kalajdzievski Padmanabhan
Valley LibraryNX180.S3 K461 2000Visualizations : the nature book of art and scienceMartin Kemp
BrowsingQA11.2 .S63 2002Visual math : see how math makes senseJessika Sobanski
BrowsingQA276 .K253 2006The tao of statistics : a path to understandingDana K. Keller
BrowsingQA11.2 .B455 2006Concept-rich mathematics instruction : building a strong foundation for reasoning and problem solvingMeir Ben-Hur
BrowsingLB1570 .A27 2013Tomorrow's innovators : essential skills for a changing worldDennis Adams & Mary Hamm
BrowsingTA345 .C47 2015Numerical methods for engineersSteven Chapra & Raymond Canale
MediaQC 173.59 .S65 C6766 2014Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey 
MediaTT870 .B48 2009Between the folds : a film about finding inspiration in unexpected places 
BrowsingTS171.4 .N67 2002The design of everyday thingsDonald A. Norman
OverflowQK669 .L44 2007Nature's palette : the science of plant colorDavid Webster Lee
BrowsingPS3566.Y55 G7 2006Gravity's rainbowThomas Pynchon
BrowsingPS3605.G48 C57 2014The circle : a novelDave Eggers
BrowsingQA76.73.P75 S54 2008Learning Processing : a beginner's guide to programming images, animation, and interactionDaniel Shiffman
OnlineeBookA Certain Ambiguity A Mathematical Novel Gaurav Suri & Hartosh Singh Bal
OnlineeBookEssential Mathematics for Games and Interactive Applications a Programmer's GuideJames Van Verth & Lars Bishop

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