Celebrate Poetry Month

Poetry Week


April 17th to 21st from 11am to 2pm each day in the Library (TYKH 202)

17th - Monday: Poetry Fortunes

"I'm not getting on your worry train." Interactive poetry with celebrity poet Emily Carr.

18th - Tuesday: Blackout Poetry

Bring new meaning to old pages. Make your own blackout poem.

19th - Wednesday: Science Haikus

Try your hand at writing science haikus, or even science fiction haikus.

20th - Thursday: Book Spine Poetry

Use our book spines to make poems. #BookSpinePoetry

21st - Friday: Poetry Activism

Get active by sending a poetry postcard to your representatives.

Brought to you by the Library, MFA & Writing Departments.

Event Pictures

Poetry Fortunes

Poetry Fortunes


Blackout Poetry

Blackout Poetry     Blackout Poetry


Science Haikus

Haiku     Haikus


Book Spine Poetry

Book Spine Poetry


Poetry Activism

Poetry Activism