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Celebrate Poetry Month

Poetry Week


April 17th to 21st from 11am to 2pm each day in the Library (TYKH 202)

17th - Monday: Poetry Fortunes

"I'm not getting on your worry train." Interactive poetry with celebrity poet Emily Carr.

18th - Tuesday: Blackout Poetry

Bring new meaning to old pages. Make your own blackout poem.

19th - Wednesday: Science Haikus

Try your hand at writing science haikus, or even science fiction haikus.

20th - Thursday: Book Spine Poetry

Use our book spines to make poems. #BookSpinePoetry

21st - Friday: Poetry Activism

Get active by sending a poetry postcard to your representatives.

Brought to you by the Library, MFA & Writing Departments.


First Annual Library Spring Fest

Library Spring Fest


Thursday, May 18th, 2017 from 11am to 2pm in Tykeson 206 and 202 (Library)


The First Annual Library Spring Fest will be a carnival of resources brought to you by OSU Libraries and Press and community partners. Table topics will include:

  • Qualtrics
  • Scholars Archive
  • Data Tools
  • OSU-Cascades Archive Project
  • Library Cards from the Deschutes Public Library
  • and more!

Stop by to learn more about these resources, and enjoy some carnival style refreshments.

More details to come!

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