Building Community Through Stories

The Campus Read program is designed to encourage all members of the campus community to engage, both in and out of the classroom setting.

The Book

All These WondersWe chose the new book All These Wonders: true stories about facing the unknown to read as a campus community. This collection of 45 short true stories by 45 different people comes from The Moth, best known for their popular podcast storytelling series and international storytelling events. It covers a wide range of topics - from facing a fear of heights on a tour bus to looking at the surface of Pluto.

The Moth presents: All These Wonders

Book trailer:

Our Goals

  1. Create a sense of community through a shared intellectual experience.
  2. Engage students in the critical thinking, writing, and discussion skills expected at the academic level.
  3. Explore personal connections to issues of inclusion, diversity, and social responsibility. 

The Campus Read shares common goals with the First Year Experience program, and aims to reach people from every part of OSU-Cascades. 

How to Participate

  1. Get the book!
  2. Start reading!
  3. Chat with your friends about the book!
  4. Stay tuned for events!

Faculty & Staff grab a copy while they last! (TYK 202)

Book Discussion How Tos